Moving Forward… (And Moved Off the Map It seems) Correction Leo Is Still In The Game!

I guess Leo moved so forward he moved himself off the map. This is from google cache. Leo’s blog has been deleted except for 1 page but I have preserved some of his excellent work for future reference. Some links don’t work.


Leo is back in a BIG way along with Steven Pidgeon WOW!! The game changer is still in the game! See Link Below!

Leo Donofrio And Steve Pidgeon Have Joined Forces In New Lawsuits Including Quo Warranto

Moving Forward…

I am speaking with various parties who I may provide legal counsel to in the near future. This will require a period of silence from me. The time for legal talk is now over. The time for legal action has begun. Talk is cheap. I’m tired of it. Either litigation will commence or you won’t hear from me again via this blog.

This blog contains all the tools necessary for people to gain access to information from Hawaii. The UIPA is a very good law providing standing and expedited calendar service to “any person”. Study that law and use it. Request the media and legislature use it as well. They won’t. You know that. But put it in their face anyway.

I will report back here when I have something of significance to say regarding litigation.

For now, I will leave you with one salient point made by the DOJ in the hearing before Judge Carter:

“It’s the way the founding fathers intended.”

Page 15 of the transcript.

Since the DOJ is stipulating that the intention of the founding fathers is the proper guideline for this issue, then we ought to hold them to that position all the way down the line. The definition of “natural born citizen” as understood by the founding fathers is certainly the only definition which is legal under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5. Barney Frank can’t change that and neither can law professors like Tribe and Dershowitz, etc.

As the DOJ has correctly indicated, the only definition of natural born citizen that matters is the one held by the founding fathers.

And that’s why everyone needs to read pages 43-44 of the transcript where Judge Carter indicates that even if Obama were born in Kenya, the Judge would not be comfortable in holding that Obama was not eligible to be POTUS.

Somebody needs to tell this Judge that the law in the US at the time of Obama’s birth stated quite clearly that Obama would not have qualified for US citizenship in 1961 if born in Kenya to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Sr. That’s very clear according federal law in 1961. If he wasn’t a citizen, how could he be a “natural born citizen”?

So, if you think Judge Carter is going to decide the British birth issue in favor of holding Obama ineligible if born in Hawaii, then you are really kidding yourselves. This case has no chance at all.

I don’t believe Obama was born in Kenya. I believe he was born in Hawaii. But I also believe that the state of Hawaii has been playing fast and loose with their own public disclosure laws and that they should not be trusted, especially since they haven’t been put under oath.

I also don’t believe it would have mattered to the founding fathers if Obama was born in Hawaii since he was a British citizen at birth, and the founding fathers had just fought a bloody war to rid themselves of British influence. To assume they would have allowed a British citizen at birth to become Commander In Chief of the US armed forces is to disgrace the blood of the patriots who earned this nation’s freedoms and liberties by their very lives.

For all intents and purposes, the “natural born citizen” safeguard given to this nation by the founding fathers is dead. And the entire Constitution is also dying by a cancer attacking all organs. It will only survive a certain death by miracle. Pray for such a miracle. It is truly your only hope.

Leo C. Donofrio


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